As you are aware, the Rand has depreciated dramatically in recent months, leading to necessary price increases, which will take effect on 15 April 2016. Below is a list of services that have received a price adjustment.
Our Domain prices have increased. From 15 April 2016, all new domain registration and renewal prices (except for .co.za, org.za, and city tlds) will increase to:

 Extentions  New Pricing 
.com  R        295.00
.net  R        310.00
.mobi  R        435.00
.org  R        345.00
.co.uk  R        450.00
.biz  R        405.00
.co  R        700.00
.info  R        405.00
.tv  R     1,195.00
.cc  R     1,015.00


Domain registrations for .co.za and .org.za stay R250 per year.

All domains have access to a database for CMS like Joomla, Wordpress etc.

Webdesign from R395 per hour. A basic website design is about 4 hours.

Our Hosting packages are as follow:

((Please note, if you choose the option to include a fixed amount of labour hours, you need to give 2 months notice to decrease the hours))

If you paid per year, this will NOT effect you for the remainder of your year that is prepaid. If your hosting year starts in September, then you will only pay the increased amount from that month.


        COMBO (labour included)
Mail Acounts Disc Space Cost pm 1 Hour 2 Hour 4 Hour 7 Hour 10 Hour
Parked Domain 0 0 R18.50          
Mail Only 5 300Mb R84          
Starter 10 1Gb R95          
Standerd 50 3Gb R182 R311 R476 R728 R1400 R1620
Large 100 5Gb R275 R388 R556 R808 R1470 R1700
Exec 999 9Gb R500 R588 R837 R1118 R1660 R1960

Please note: If you use the google business email, you have unlimited email acounts, each with 1Tb space.(not on parked domains)

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