My Friend Mobile Data

Data  Amount 
500Mb  R         45
1Gb  R         85
2Gb  R       129
3Gb  R       199
4Gb  R       249
5Gb  R       299
6Gb  R       349
8Gb  R       459
10Gb  R       499



We need a copy of your ID and proof of recidence for RICA purposes.

Activation of mobile data can take up to 72 hours.


What if you have an existing post-paid contract MTN SIM Card?

Your MTN Contract SIM Card will need to be provisioned for the yourmobile APN (Access Point). This can take 72 hours to complete. We will notify you as soon as the APN on your SIM Card has been activated.


All SIMs provided by My Friend Mobile are LTE ready, the activation of LTE however must be requested. The data activated on the SIM is valid from the date purchased to the last day of that month, and unused data does not carry over for any period.

Payment for all renewal services provided by My Friend Mobile must be received before the last day of every month for the next month's services. Failure to receive payment will result in your services not being activated on the 1st of the new month.

Each renewal period runs from the 1st to the last day of every month. Failure to receive payment by the due date for a data service provisioned on a SIM will result in the dataservice being cancelled, for SIM's provided by My Friend Mobile this will result in the SIM being cancelled.

For your information

The data supplied by My Friend Mobile is supplied and provisioned on the MTN Network and as such is subject to the Terms & Conditions.

MTN utilise "Over the Air" updates and as such may display all available Networks to the user of the data SIM.

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