Unshaped Capped

My Friend capped

Topups at R10/Gig

GIGS  cost 
10GB  R     60.00
20GB  R    100.00
30GB  R   150.00
40GB  R   200.00
50GB  R   250.00
100GB  R   450.00
150GB  R   675.00
200GB  R   900.00


  • Top ups are R10 per gig (minimum R20 for 2gig)
  • unused bandwidth expire last day of month on 23h59
  • all bandwidth to paid ONE day before month end
  • PREPAID bandwidth are available at R10 per gig and expire last day of month on 23h59
  • OR PREPAID PLUS are available ar R20 per gig and have a 1 year expiry date
  • these are unchapped, capped bandwidth and require a Telkom ADSL line.
  • COMBO's are DSL line included (2mbs @ R165; 4mbs @ R300; 10mbs @ R420)

My Friend Uncapped

Speed Price  Combo 
up to 384kbps R 125.00  R   200.00
up to 1Mbps R 160.00  R   300.00
up to 2Mbps R 300.00  R   400.00
up to 4Mbps R 400.00  R   600.00
up to 10Mbps R 600.00  R   900.00


My Friend Bussiness Uncapped

Speed Price Combo
up to 1Mbps R 335.00 R 400.00
up to 2Mbps R 435.00 R 500.00
up to 4Mbps R 696.00 R 800.00
up to 10Mbps R 999.00 R 1 300.00

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